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In-home wound treatments need not be complicated and stressful. HydroTherapy is an effective and simple wound solution for chronic and hard-to-heal wounds. With HydroTherapy’s easy 2-step approach, wounds are efficiently cleansed and healed.

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Frequently asked questions about wound treatment and Hydrotherapy

HydroTherapy is suitable for use in both the professional sector and at home under the supervision of a specialist doctor.
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What is Hydrotherapy?
HydroTherapy is an innovative approach to the treatment of majority of wounds including chronic and hard-to-heal wounds. There are only two steps from wound cleansing to wound closing, making HydroTherapy effective and simple – HydroClean® plus and HydroTac®.
The success of HydroTherapy is derived from two Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressings (HRWD®) which perfectly complement one another – each with its own unique mode of action, delivering rapid cleansing, early granulation tissue formation, epithelialisation while maintaining a balanced level of moisture at all phases of wound progression – to support effective wound healing. 1
Effective cleansing activates the wound so that granulation can start. Having an optimal moist wound environment protects and promotes sustained epithelialization.
When is HydroTherapy applied?

HydroTherapy is effective in healing chronic and poorly healing wounds.

When do I use HydroClean® plus and when HydroTac® or HydroTac® comfort?
When do I use HydroClean® plus and when HydroTac® or HydroTac® comfort?
HydroClean® plus is used during the wound cleansing and granulation phase. When clean and healthy granulation tissue has formed, then either HydroTac® or HydroTac® comfort (with its self-adhesive border) is applied until the wound closes.
Is it dangerous when the HydroClean® plus wound dressing pad tears and the core comes into contact with the wound?

No danger exists if the interior of an open wound dressing pad comes into direct contact with the wound.

What are the differences between HydroTac® and HydroTac® comfort?

HydroTac® is available in two variants – both of them feature a waterproof and germ-proof cover layer. However, HydroTac® comfort features a self-adhesive border that allows patients to bathe or shower with their dressing on.

Can I take a shower wearing the preparations?

If you want to take a shower, make sure you are using HydroTac® comfort instead of other variants. HydroTac® comfort’s secure self-adhesive border protects the wound against external influences.

What range of sizes and shapes does HydroClean® plus come in?

HydroClean® plus is available in various sizes and shapes to support your wound healing process.

At the same time, HydroClean® plus is available in two variants, including HydroClean® plus cavity for deep and fissured wounds.

Download a product overview of HydroClean® plus here.

Is it possible for me to have an allergic reaction to the HydroTherapy preparations?

Allergic reactions to HydroClean® plus and HydroTac® are extremely rare. All materials contained in the wound dressings are listed on its packing insert. Please read it carefully and seek advice from your doctor.

Can I use HydroClean® plus and HydroTac® under compression bandages or compression stockings?

Yes. HydroClean® plus and HydroTac® can be used in conjunction with compression therapy.